Thank you for your interest in the Hamad Law Firm, LLC.  Here you’ll find examples of comments made to us by both our clients in Connecticut, New York, and beyond.  All of these comments come directly from clients.

“Smooth process all through.” – on August 7, 2013

“Very excellent service.  Will definitely keep this firm in mind when additional legal services are needed in the future.” – on April 10, 2013

“Nicely done – as painless as it could be.” – Stacy, borrower in Watertown, CT, on March 18, 2013

“Attorney did a great job.  He was on time and very efficient in explaining things and executing the mortgage documents.” – Sal, borrower in North Haven, CT, on February 27, 2013

“Keep up the good work!” – Maggie, borrower in New Milford, CT, on February 25, 2013

“Very satisfied.  Would recommend the attorney.” – Veralynn, borrower in Seymour, CT, on February 16, 2013

“[Daniel is] a very nice person.  He was very helpful in explaining every issue we had with the loan.” – Reza, borrower in North Haven, CT, on February 5, 2013

“[Daniel] made this part of the process nice and simple.” – Patty & George, borrowers in Branford, CT, on November 15, 2012

“Excellent job — very professional and Daniel was likable” – David, borrower in Shelton, CT, on November 15, 2012

“A great service.  HLF did the closing on behalf of our out-of-state law firm.  HLF did a great job and showed up to our home on time and well prepared.  No issues whatsoever and we really appreciated the convenience of having them come to us!” – Christopher in West Hartford, CT, on November 8, 2012

“This was my easiest run-on with hundreds of pages written in Legalese. Not only did Dan provide an excellent and effective synthesis of each separate document, but he interspersed his explanations with a great sense of humor. I would gladly seek further help from him on related matters, and would recomment him to colleagues who might share similar needs for assistance. The best legal experience I have had, ever!” – Nikolai, Borrower in Norwalk, Connecticut on June 22, 2012

“Dan did a great job!  I will use him in the future!” – Daniel, Borrower in Pomfret, Connecticut on May 31, 2012

“[The attorney] was very accommodating about the closing time and meeting location, and very thoroughly explained the documents where I had questions.  Excellent overall experience!” – Jared, Borrower in Branford, Connecticut on May 31, 2012

“I don’t see how the closing could have gone any better than it did.” – Martin, “Witness Only” Closing Borrower in Connecticut on December 3, 2011

“[The closing was] very well presented and [the attorney] took good care to make sure we were comfortable.” – Dan, “Witness Only” Closing Borrower in Connecticut on November 8, 2011

“I thought Daniel  was most helpful and answered all my questions he was a few minuets early which worked out great.  I truely had fantastic service.” – Jennifer, “Witness Only” Closing Borrower in Connecticut on October 12, 2011

Helped me out with a tricky landlord / tenant question with a malicious landlord. Put my mind at ease and gave me actionable information without making the decision for me.” – Client in New York on April 15, 2011

“Daniel used his connections to help us find a title insurance company and a lawyer for our condo purchase in New Jersey. He got to know our situation, was very responsive, and executed quickly.” – Daniel, client in New Jersey, on May 10, 2011