Real Estate Closings & Law

In addition to typical purchases and sales of properties, property-owners today are refinancing at record rates. Meanwhile, the amount of paperwork and complication in closing such transactions continues to grow.

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The staff here is set up to handle all real estate closing matters quickly and efficiently. Banks and real estate agents are consistently “recommending” attorney’s to clients… but you shouldn’t just hire whatever attorney your bank or agent points you towards – think about it. You wouldn’t hire an attorney to handle your other matters just because some big entity says to – you’d hire the attorney you want. Do so now. Get the best. Expect no less. Contact the Hamad Law Firm, LLC today!

All real estate closings can be performed in your home or in the bank branch of your choice (with their cooperation).

As soon as you know you’re going to buy, sell or refinance, contact us immediately and we’ll keep abreast of your issues from there. The firm will contact the lender and other involved parties, and review any contracts that are proposed.

Make sure you aren’t taken for a ride in todays real estate market – contact the experienced Connecticut real estate attorney at the Hamad Law Firm, LLC, today.