Residential Real Estate Closings & Law

The amount of paperwork and complication involved in closing a real estate transaction such as a purchase, refinance, or sale continues to grow – and the expense right along with it.  At the Hamad Law Firm, LLC, we believe that each client deserves individually tailored representation at a reasonable price point.  Whether you are a buyer, a seller, refinancing, or a mortgage company, you will be treated well by the Hamad Law Firm, LLC, and you won’t go broke using the services you want.

The real estate market might be down right now, but in addition to typical purchases and sales of properties, property-owners today are refinancing at record rates, making up for the slack in the market caused by the devaluation of property.

Connecticut is considered an Attorney State.  It is customary to have all parties at a closing represented by counsel – including at refinances.  In fact, title insurance agents in Connecticut must be attorneys.  Your mortgage broker or real estate agent will often recommend an attorney, but you should get the attorney you want, at the price you want, when you want.

Our staff is set up to handle all real estate closing matters quickly and efficiently. Banks and real estate agents are consistently “recommending” attorney’s to clients… but you should not just hire whatever attorney your bank or agent points you towards – think about it. You wouldn’t hire an attorney to handle your other matters just because some big entity says to – you’d hire the attorney you want. That attorney should be a member of the Hamad Law Firm, LLC. Expect no less.

In addition, all real estate closings can be performed in your home or in the bank branch of your choice (with their cooperation).

As soon as you know you’re going to buy, sell or refinance, contact us immediately and we’ll keep abreast of your issues from there. We will contact the lender and other involved parties, and review any contracts that are proposed.

We offer  the following services:

Title Insurance

Protect the property from loss from unforeseen circumstances.  This insurance is required by all lenders and is highly recommended for all homeowners.  We provide title insurance through nationally recognized underwriters.

Title Searches & Services

Make sure the title to the property is clear – order a search for from us.  We use a mixture of attorneys and title agents to ensure the title search is done properly in preparation for the issuance of a title insurance policy or provided to you in the manner of your liking.

Closing Services

The Hamad Law Firm, LLC, closes purchases, sales and refinances throughout Connecticut and in some surrounding states.  Closings can be done at peoples homes, in real estate agent offices, in bank branches, in offices, or anywhere else that may be convenient for the client.

Closings are conducted seven days a week and at all hours.

We will prepare the HUD and other docs, title insurance policy, contracts, and any other necessary documents as required.

Witness Only Closings

Hamad Law Firm, LLC, provides title agents with witness-only closing services.  Visit our Witness-Only page for more information.

Load Modification Document Review

If you are a company or law firm in need of Connecticut or New York licensed attorneys to review your loan modification documents, the Hamad Law Firm, LLC, has experience in just that.

Contract Drafting and Review

Whether it’s a purchase & sale agreement, a property management agreement, or anything else, the Hamad Law Firm, LLC, can help you today.  Residential or Commercial, contact us now!

Make sure you aren’t taken for a ride in todays real estate market – contact the experienced Connecticut real estate attorneys at the Hamad Law Firm, LLC, today.