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Nigerian Scammers Are Everywhere!

By Attorney Daniel Hamad As people – including attorneys and real estate agents – look for any deals to be found in this dismal market, scams have become more and more prevalent, and the scammers have become more sophisticated.  Sophisticated enough that you can find even attorneys taken in by them. We typically call them … Continue reading »

Save Some Cash by Taking Cash

By Attorney Daniel Hamad Though mortgage rates have gone up over the past few months, we’re still seeing rates that are some of the lowest that have ever been available.  A 30-year fixed mortgage is still available in the low 5% range, and a 5/1 ARM may be as low as 4%.  This has been … Continue reading »

Go from Upside Down to Right Side Up (Part III): Foreclosure & Alternatives

In Part I of this article we discussed Loan Modifications and Payment Plans.  In Part II of this article we discussed Sales and Short Sales.  Let’s now move on to Foreclosure and Deeds in Lieu of Foreclosure. Foreclosure is an action of last resort for banks.  They don’t want to do it – it can … Continue reading »

Wills & Estate Practice Added

Hamad Law Firm, LLC, has added a Wills & Estate Law practice.  At this time the practice is limited to simple will preparation.  Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!

Jobs: Real Estate Closing Attorneys

The Hamad Law Firm, LLC, is looking to add additional contract closing attorneys throughout Connecticut.  Qualified applicants should have at least one year of experience conducting real-estate closings.  Most closings will be “witness-only” refinances. Closings should have the ability to print letter- and legal-sized documents and should have a document scanner available to them. Interested … Continue reading »

Go from Upside Down to Right Side Up (Part II): The Short Sale

In Part I of this article we discussed Loan Modifications and Payment Plans.  Let’s now move on to Short Sales and Sales of property in general. When selling a piece of property it behooves you to get a real estate attorney.  In Connecticut nearly all purchasers are going to have attorneys, so you don’t want … Continue reading »

Go from Upside Down to Right Side Up (Part I): The Introduction & The Loan Modification

Over the past few years we’ve seen the housing market go from bad to worse.  Foreclosures are up, values are down, and homeowners are wondering when the next shoe is going to fall.  Have you had your house appraised lately?  In most cases, that value is going to be considerably lower than it was when … Continue reading »

Real Estate Closing Discounts Available!

Refinancing a property? Purchasing a property? One of the costs associated with doing either action is the closing fee. This fee is charged by the attorney that closes the file. At Hamad Law Firm, LLC, we’d like to see you able to close for the least money possible, so we’re offering a couple of discounts … Continue reading »

Should I Buy Now?

Buyers today are concerned with the quality of the real estate market. They’ve watched as taxes have risen while property values have dropped. They’ve watched as thousands of people have been foreclosed on. Yet they – you – still want to own a home… at the right time, of course. A home is an investment … Continue reading »

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